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Saxon® Creamery brand Cheeses

Saxon® Creamery Ferme Meadows Cheese

Saxon® Creamery FermeMeadows cheese is a hand-crafted seasonal Comté-style cheese that is characterized by a great diversity of flavor. It’s rich flavors speak of the pastures where the cows grazed, the season in which it was made, the particular craftsmanship of the cheesemaker, the time the cheese spends in the aging rooms… Every batch of cheese has a story, and every story will be inevitably different. Because of all of these variables, Saxon® Creamery Ferme Meadows is the opposite of a “standardized” cheese and is in fact characterized by a great diversity of flavor: no two batches will taste the same!

Serving Suggestions:

  • Serve with crackers, nuts and fruit to create the perfect cheese tray
  • Add to sauces, omelets and soufflés
  • Melts beautifully on pasta and sandwiches
SAXON CREAMERY Ferme Meadows Cheese
Milk Type
Wisconsin, USA