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Saxon® Creamery brand Cheeses

Saxon® Creamery Green Fields Monastery-Style Cheese

A raw milk cheese consisting of earthy, grassy flavors, Green Fields cheese is a graceful semi-soft table cheese. The cheese’s sweet, nutty tones vary throughout the year as the cows’ diet changes from season to season.

This recipe borrows techniques from northern France and Belgium, giving the cheese a distinctive European flare. Green Fields cheese is delicately washed with a fusion of cultures daily to impart a slightly pungent, Brick cheese-like array of flavors. Green Fields shines in salads and is strong enough to stand alone as a table cheese.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Created to be a table cheese, this gentleman stands alone with poise
  • Dazzling in leafy, green salads
  • Couples nicely with dried fruits, and/or crusty, homemade bread
SAXON CREAMERY Green Fields Monastery Style Cheese
Milk Type
Wisconsin, USA