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Saxon® Creamery brand Cheeses

Saxon® Creamery Saxony Alpine-Style Aged Cheese

Peaking at 150 days, Saxony cheese belongs to the French Alpine family of cheeses, exuding an unmistakable mountainous tang. Traditionally, Alpine cheeses were produced from large grazing dairy herds that foraged on mountain pastures (the alpage) throughout the summer months. It was essential that the cheese be adequately sturdy to endure the rigors of travel to the valley markets. Because of this, each region developed its own individual style in eastern France. Saxony is relatable to a Gruyère or Fontina, encompassing nutty, caramelly attitudes that represent the wholesome, rich milk of eastern Wisconsin. Its earthy aroma and supple body make a delectable grilled cheese sandwich.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Great as a table cheese
  • Melt into sauces
  • Shred generously over pasta
SAXON CREAMERY Saxony Alpine Style Aged Cheese
Milk Type
Wisconsin, USA