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Alpenhaus® Cheeses

ALPENHAUS Le Gruyere cheese

Alpenhaus® Le Gruyere® cheese

Alpenhaus® Le Gruyère® cheese is an amazingly nutty, full-flavored traditional Swiss cheese, delicious in recipes or on its own. Renowned for cooking, Le Gruyère® cheese is made in wheels with a natural rind and a briny-dry, slightly piquant flavor. Alpenhaus® Le Gruyère® cheese tastes wonderful when melted over cooked vegetables and meats. An earthy, hard, but smooth cheese, with tiny, round holes, Le Gruyère® cheese can be used alone or in combination with Emmental cheese to make a fantastic fondue.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Perfect in traditional fondue recipes
  • Wonderful melted over cooked vegetables and meats
  • Delicious as a snack alone or with some fruit
  • Use it to make a creamy Mornay sauce
  • Excellent addition to soups and salads
  • Pair with blackberry jam on artisan bread
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