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Green Bay Cheese® Cheeses

Green Bay Cheese® Pepper Jack Cheese

Green Bay Cheese® Pepper Jack cheese kicks the creamy, mild flavor of traditional Monterey Jack up a notch with an infusion of zesty peppers. This rich, smooth textured cheese is dotted with fiery bits of peppers that add a robust punch to burritos and enchiladas and a spicy kick when melted over nachos. Take your ho-hum soups and casseroles from ordinary to extraordinary with Green Bay Cheese® Pepper Jack cheese!

Serving Suggestions:

  • Adds a distinctive taste to casseroles
  • Wonderful in Mexican-style dishes like nachos, enchiladas and tacos
  • Makes a zesty addition to burgers and sandwiches
  • Add to omelets and other egg dishes
  • Perfect for snacking
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