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Prima Donna® Cheeses

Prima Donna® fino cheese

Prima Donna® fino cheese is an aged cow’s milk cheese with an unforgettably rich, full flavor and a slightly sweet and nutty aftertaste. The unique combination of the wonderful flavors of Parmesan and traditional Dutch cheese make this delicacy distinctly softer and subtler. Prima Donna® fino cheese is aged like a fine wine until it reaches the peak of its delicious flavor.

Prima Donna® fino cheese is a culinary all-rounder and is extremely versatile. The cheese has perfect melting qualities, making it ideal for hot dishes, and can also be used in salad dressing and dips.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Use in salad dressing and dips
  • Grate and add to pasta dishes, omelets and crepes
  • Serve for dessert with fresh fruit.
  • Melt over bread, pizza or steak
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