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Stella® Cheeses

STELLA Fontinella Cheese

Stella® Fontinella® Cheese

A unique Stella® recipe, Fontinella® Cheese is delicately sweet and creamy smooth, with just a hint of sharpness. It melts beautifully in sauces and casseroles, and is superb in grilled sandwiches. In fact, the name comes from the Italian word, fondere, which means melt. This versatile semi-hard cheese will enhance most any recipe.

Stella® Fontinella® rubbed wedges are carefully hand-rubbed to create four unique flavors. Each flavor is rubbed onto our very own Fontinella® cheese, which is known for its delicately smooth and creamy flavor with just a hint of sharpness. Our rubbed wedges are perfect for cheeseboards or incorporating into your favorite recipes

Servings Suggestions:

  • Create an irresistible Italian appetizer platter served with Fontinella® Cheese, grilled vegetables, crackers and meats
  • Add slices to a patty melt or burger with grilled onions
  • Add slices to an Italian hero sandwich with salami and pepperoncini peppers
Milk Type
Wisconsin, USA