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Stella® Cheeses

STELLA Italian Sharp Cheese

Stella® Italian Sharp Cheese

Stella® Italian Sharp Cheese is a descendant of Fontina and features a delicately sharp, full flavor. The term "sharp" is used to describe the flavor of a cheese when it's biting, not overly sour. Stella® Italian Sharp Cheese earns this title thanks to a minimum of 60 days of carefully monitored aging.

This creamy cheese adds delightful Italian flavor to a wide variety of savory sandwiches and snacks and can be served with almonds and peach slices as well. When shredded, Italian Sharp cheese also adds a well-rounded flavor to pasta, pizza, chili, soups and salads.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Fold into an omelet with fresh chives and diced avocado
  • Use to top a pizza along with thin bell pepper rings
  • Melt over focaccia
Milk Type
Wisconsin, USA